5 Signs That You Need To Replace or Repair Your Garage Door Opener

Is It Time to Replace the Garage Door Opener in My Boston Home?

People in Boston don’t like to waste money. Nobody’s going to replace a garage door opener unless it seems like it’s ready to go kaput at any moment.

But how do you know if your garage door opener is on its last legs or if it just needs repair? After all, a decent brand will usually last a long time. We’re talking decades.

And often when a garage door opener is having a problem, it’s because it needs adjustment or repair - not replacement.

Lynoka Garage Door Services has more than 35 years of combined industry experience with 10 years of solid service in the Boston area. So we know what’s up with garage door openers. Here are 5 signs that indicate it’s getting likely your opener needs either repair or replacement.

#1. Your Garage Door Won’t Open or Close

You’re not likely to overlook this problem, but we mention to make sure you check a couple of things before you call us.

  1. Check the batteries in your remotes. To be sure, replace them with new ones to test.

  2. Make sure the opener is connected to the garage.

That second issue comes up if you disconnected the garage door opener because of a power outage and forgot to reconnect it. Your opener operates but doesn’t move the door.

Reconnect the door with the automatic connection or by pulling the emergency release cord towards the garage door (what you do depends on the model).

If that doesn’t work, you may have a more serious issue requiring replacement. Call our Boston garage door repair services to talk to a technician.

#2. Your Garage Door Opens Intermittently

This problem makes you think your garage door opener is possessed. It doesn’t open when you want it to, and sometimes it opens on its own.

The problem here often has to do with wiring, which is something you need to contact us about.

You can try to reset your garage door following your instruction manual, but if your door continues to open and close randomly, it’s a major sign that it needs work. If it’s an older model, you’ll probably want to replace it. A newer door can be repaired or may need to be warrantied.

#3. Your Garage Door Opens Then Reverses

This is a really common problem, and luckily one that isn’t usually that hard to fix.

The issue here usually has to do with the safety sensors that are mounted on the rails just above the ground on either side of your garage door. These sensors are there to prevent damage or injury if something is under your door when it closes.

When these are out of adjustment, your garage door will think there is an obstruction and automatically reverse.

Take these steps:

  1. Clean the lenses on the sensors.

  2. Make sure they are securely fastened to the rails.

  3. Make sure the bolts holding your rails are all tight.

  4. Re-do the adjustment sequence according to your owner’s manual.

If none of these steps work, give our Boston garage door repair techs a call. This can be a tricky adjustment and some models require a professional touch.

#4. Your Garage Door Opener Makes Strange Noises

If the opener itself is making any kind of grinding, squeaking, or rattling noises, this is an unfortunate sign. Note we’re not talking about noisy rails when the door opens or closes, but sounds coming directly from the unit.

These noises are a sign that one day you’re going to want to open your garage door and it simply won’t work. Contact us for an inspection before that happens.

#5. Your Garage Door Opener is Old

Take into account everything we’ve listed here, then note how old your garage door opener is.

If it’s older than 15 years, that means the problems we’ve listed here are signs that it’s time for a replacement. If there are constant problems with your door not working or it sounds like a chainsaw every time you use it, it’s probably best to put your money towards a new opener.

If your opener is still fairly new, we can work on fixing these issues, and if it’s still under warranty you may be able to get it replaced.

If you’re not sure, please call our experienced garage door techs. We’ll give you the straight answer the people of Boston expect and make sure you get excellent value out of our services, whether you need to repair or replace your garage door opener.